Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Color conversion in DirectShow

In this post we will look at various aspects of writing DirectShow color conversion filters. In our Video Processing Project we released a set of filters that convert between the RGB24 to YUV420 Planar color formats. These filters were originally written to convert RGB to YUV for the purpose of encoding video as H.263.

During a later stage of the project, we undertook some compliance testing to make sure that the converted YUV format is compatible with the MS YUV formats i.e. the filters would be regarded as compliant if the YUV to RGB conversion filter is interchangeable with the standard AVI decompressor that is usually inserted by DirectShow. Further, our filters needed to be able to convert the standard test sequence videos from YUV420 to RGB. In particular, our RGB to YUV converter outputs MEDIASUBTYPE_I420 (which is the format that the test sequence videos use).

Getting the filters to be compatible with with both the MS formats and the test sequence formats required us to add a chrominance offset parameter in the filter, that allows the mapping into the unsigned short range [0, 255].

Further, we noticed that we needed to flip the image during color conversion.

As a final compatibility test, the video was dumped to file:

Then, using the YUV source filter (also available in the video processing project) we rendered the following graph:

Once the AVI decompressor was able to output our YUV format properly, the filters were regarded as compatible:

As an aside note, the color conversion filters allow one to configure the chrominance offset and the flipping of the image via their property pages. Both these properties can be changed while the graph is running.

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