Sunday, June 24, 2012

Using the FrameSkippingFilter to drop the framerate

Sometimes it is desirable to reduce the framerate of a video. In the FrameSkippingFilter the user can select the value n, where a frame will be dropped every n frames. This makes it simple to halve the framerate.
This filter could easily be extended to perform more complex dropping schemes, but does not currently support that.

An example media pipeline shows the results:

A FramerateDisplayFilter has been inserted before the FrameSkippingFilter, and one after, to illustrate the effect.

As can be seen in the screen capture, the framerate has been halved.


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  2. Were did you find the CSIR RTVC FrameSkippingFilter ? I have scoured the web and the only CSIR filters I can find are here : and they don't include it.

    1. You can download the filter at IIRC, it has also been packaged in the installer. Please report any bugs/issues you may encounter. Tx!